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Premier repair and service for ATV, UTV, boats, watercraft and off road vehicles!

Our service department offers full service repair and maintenance for all types of recreational vehicles; ATV – UTV’s, boats, watercraft, jeeps, race cars and custom motorsport and power sports vehicles!  You will appreciate our dedicated mechanic skills to take the best care of your recreational equipment.

Service You Can Trust!

Our customers come from Sand Hollow, St George, Hurricane, Washington, Utah and surrounding areas.  Turn to our experienced technicians for quality repairs and best price parts.  Regardless of what you use your vehicle for, our team can diagnose, repair, and provide maintenance to improve its performance and longevity.  No matter the problem from basic service to full restoration from a wrecked UTV or ATV we can do it all at our premier shop!

Our professional ATV, Boat and Watercraft repair services in Utah include the following:

Tune-ups. We provide tune-ups for all major components, including the suspension, engine, exhaust, and more.

Electrical work.  From the instruments to the lights, we make sure all components of your electrical system are in working order.

Engine work.  We offer replacements, repairs, and tune-ups for engines, which includes two-stroke and four-stroke engines of all sizes.

Maintenance.  From routine oil changes to brakes, tires, and more, our experts will cover all of your maintenance needs.

Custom Vehicles.  We offer full customization of ATV, Jeeps, UTV, race cars, full restorations and off-road vehicles to your specifications.

Our technicians can fix practically anything out there and we work quickly to get your recreational toy fixed in a timely manor.

ATV’s are designed to take on outdoors most demanding terrains.  Occasionally, some components of the vehicle may break.  Whether your UTV needs basic service like a hydraulic line flush or battery inspection, or more advanced services such as engine replacement, our trained technicians can diagnose and fix the problem.

Our repairs begin with a thorough evaluation. Apart from the problems you’ve pointed out, we check other components like the engine, tires, frame and more.  Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we get to work so you can get back out on the water or trail immediately.

Let Us Earn Your Business!

Our safety record is second to none in the repair industry.  We make sure your vehicle isn’t just in good working condition; it should also be safe for travels.  If you’re not sure what the problem is, our technicians can help.

Any boat, ATV, watercraft, OHV, racing car that’s always in good condition is a valuable investment.  Make sure that it’s always in a pristine state with our mechanics help.  Book a repair service or full service repair fix with us today.